What Can You Do with Intrinio’s Custom Development Services? Part 3


Alas, we’ve come to the end. (Not caught up yet? Read part 1 and part 2 of our use case series, inspired by real-world projects we’re working on right now.) Our custom development services empower Intrinio users to build their dream data platform – even if they lack the manpower or technical skills to do it internally.  

Use Case #3: Stock Screener Website 

Each investor has their own priorities when deciding which investments to make. You want to build a website offering a robust, intuitive screener for your users, so they can easily find investments that fit their goals and values. 

Intrinio’s financial data delivers millions of data points, but your challenge is helping users sort through that massive amount of information to find securities that meet all of their criteria. Plus, your website needs to be visually appealing, easy to use, and accessible on both desktop and mobile. It’s a tall order. 

That’s Where Intrinio Comes In 

Who better to build a screener for our data than…well, us? Here’s a peek into the process: 

  1. You describe your ideal site. Which data points will you highlight, and how will users set their criteria? How does your website look, feel, and act? Our team locks down every aspect of your vision and offers experienced-backed suggestions. 
  1. We involve your executive team throughout the process, gathering feedback and ensuring that the final product meets your expectations. 
  1. Our team proposes and implements a full-spectrum solution, including: 
    • A unified backend to manage data
    • Specialized reporting tools 
    • Server and infrastructure optimization 
    • Proactive hosting and network maintenance 
    • UX research and testing 
    • And a lot more 
  1. After thorough testing, your website goes live. We conduct a virtual champagne toast. 
  1. We offer long-term support to keep your website operating smoothly and your users happy. 

Why Intrinio? 

What do you get when you work with Intrinio’s custom development team? 

  • A consolidated team. No one knows Intrinio data better than us. That means your screener will be seamlessly integrated with our high-quality, reasonably priced financial data – and you only have to make one call to get support. 
  • Full stack talent. Our development team has worked with almost every platform and language, and our focus is on delivering first-class financial data platforms.  
  • A data partnerWe don’t build and bail. When your website is powered by Intrinio data, our goal is to be your partner for the long-term – your success is our success. 

It’s time to build out your vision with our custom development services. Explore our previous custom work and request a quote on our website.  

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