Q2 2020 Mobile Digest: Industry Insights


Every quarter, we compile data from across our B2B Mobile marketplaces to create an overview of secondary market industry insights, including pricing data for devices across model, carrier, condition, and SKU. We’ve compiled the data across our Mobile marketplaces from April-June, and the Q2 2020 Mobile Digest is ready for you to download.

Q2 2020 Mobile Digest Highlights:

  • The continued effects of COVID-19 on the mobile secondary market
  • Average delta between ASPs across condition grades for Apple and Samsung devices
  • Top four selling Apple and Samsung models in Q2 across our mobile marketplaces

Access Q2 Mobile Digest

The world’s largest wireless manufacturers, carriers, and trade-in companies are currently leveraging B-Stock’s B2B marketplace platform for their trade-in and excess mobile devices and accessories. Across our network, more than 3 million phones and 5 million accessories are sold annually, giving us great insight into secondary market trends.

Mobile data changes each quarter. Here’s the Q1 2020 Mobile Digest in case you missed it.

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