Mobile Digest: Q4 2019


We’ve compiled data from across our B2B mobile marketplaces and plugged it into the Mobile Digest for Q4, which features: 

  • The impact the iPhone 11 launch had on the secondary market 
  • Month-over-month pricing on top iPhone models 
  • Pricing behavior based on condition grades 
  • Month-over-month iPhone depreciation patterns 
  • How iPhone XS and XS Max pricing compared to other N-1 models

The world’s largest wireless manufacturers, carriers, and trade-in companies are currently leveraging B-Stock’s B2B marketplace platform for their trade-in and excess mobile devices and accessories. Across our network, more than 3 million phones and 5 million accessories are sold annually; this gives us great insight into secondary market trends.

Access Q4 Mobile Digest

Mobile data changes each quarter. Here is the Q3 Mobile Digest in case you missed it.

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