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MA 3 Ducks Bot settings and optimization guide

As the adviser can be used as a manual trade assistant or a fully automatic one it needs to be optimized for the traded instrument if manual
trading not used. Default settings are configured to trade in ‘Auto’ mode but should only be used on

EurUsd M5.
Adviser not tested for Stocks and other instruments then Forex!

Adviser is fast and convenient to operate as it work with ‘Open prices‘ when optimizing and testing it.

Which settings to focus on and optimization range of them

Adviser equipped with functions like take profit,stop loss,trailing stop,reversed order close(exit strategy rule) and partial
order lot close. All these settings can be either included or excluded as desired together with a set of other important settings.
So let’s start with selecting them all together and set them up to perform an optimization. Remember that if ‘Reversed order close’
used there won’t be any stop loss or take profit set to the orders but as we select all vital settings we optimize them to in one go to get
the best settings. All order settings in pips were 1 pip is equal to 10 points. Period of optimization could be all from 6 months to a
year or so, that’s up to you to select.

  1. Settings selection
  2. Settings optimization range(increment steps)

1. First step, select settings to optimize

First of all make sure that ‘Chart visuals‘ is turned off=false else the optimization process will slow down
significant and ‘

Auto or manual assistance‘ set to ‘Auto’ 

  • Reversed order close – Range true-false
  • Order take profit – Range 2.0 – 100.0 (step 0.5)
  • Order stop loss – Range 2.0 – 100.0 (step 0.5)
  • Trailing stop – Range true – false
  • Break even – Range true – false
  • Break even level – Range 1.5 – 10.0 (step 0.5)
  • Stop loss movement – Range 1.5 – 10.0 (step 0.5)
  • Minimal profit trailing – Range 1.5 – 10.0 (step 0.5)
  • Ma method – Range Simple – Linear Weighted 
  • Order exit below/above Ma M5 bar close confirmation – Range 1-4 (step 1)
  • Bars back to start i-Highest price search – Range 1-35 (step 1)
  • Bars back period search for i-Highest price – Range 1-35 (step 1)
  • Bars back to start i-Lowest price search – Range 1-35 (step 1)
  • Bars back period search for i-Lowest price – Range 1-35 (step 1)

That’s it, now we have selected or settings to use in optimization. Note that i have excluded ‘Partial close’ in this setup and it’s
up to you if you want to use it or not. Last step in this process is to setup ranges and steps for selected settings and then it’s
time to optimize and only on

M5 time frame (don’t ignore this) as it’s the adviser main operational time frame!

Manual trading with MA 3 Ducks Bot

When you trade manual with this adviser it’s all up to you how you want things to be done. You will be assisted by advisers entry
signal dashboard when to enter a trade and you have a set of different order types to choose from. Kind of no limits how
to…but if you select ‘Reversed close’ the assistant will do the order closing for you automatically and no TP/SL will be
set for the order but you can still enable and use trailing stop (recommended). If ‘Reversed order close’ not used, you
have full control of your manual orders were you set your own take profit, stop loss and trailing stop levels as you like and
choose when and where to close an order. 

About the 3 Ducks system

Basically three moving averages (exponential – default) on three different time frames M5,H1,H4 and a period of 60. These ma’s
can not be changed, only the ma mode!





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Good luck and i hope Ma 3 Ducks Bot will serve you well!

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