How to Buy Samsung Returns


If you’re looking to purchase and resell mobile phones, Samsung devices are a top choice! When it comes to the secondary mobile market, there is a large amount of Samsung inventory available and Samsung mobile devices are in high demand from secondary end users. Data shows that the number of people who traded up to a Galaxy S10 earlier this year created a record-breaking surplus of S8 and S9 models. This offers mobile buyers a fantastic opportunity! So, if you’re thinking about getting into the Samsung mobile resale business or looking for a steady stream of inventory, here are some tips to think about as you embark:

Purchase directly from the source

With the high volume of Samsung trade-ins, many wireless networks, retailers, and trade-in companies are leveraging B2B sales channels – like the one B-Stock provides – to sell bulk quantities of Samsung devices directly to business buyers. By purchasing directly from the retailer, you can assume that 1) there is no liquidator involvement 2) there are no price markups and 3) that the retailer wants to move the inventory as quickly as possible.

B-Stock currently operates the world’s largest network of online marketplaces for customer-returned, excess or previously traded-in wireless inventory. These marketplaces provide buyers access to Samsung devices directly from top wireless retailers and trade-in companies; you are buying directly from them! 

Ensure constant supply

It’s important to have enough Samsung inventory to satisfy the needs of your customers. Make sure marketplaces you are sourcing from have a continuous supply of the inventory you need to keep your customers happy. Check out the following marketplaces that offer bulk quantities of Samsung devices across all models (even the newest iterations) and conditions (Grade A to salvage). 

Purchase the right amount

Buying in bulk is the best way to ensure bigger margins. That said, make sure you are purchasing the right quantity of phones for your needs. It’s typical that larger lots of devices have a lower cost-per-item but you don’t want to purchase more than you can sell. 

Sell Smart

Online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Craigslist all make great platforms. Be sure to take a close look at what your competition is selling and how much buyer demand exists.

Your own online store in the form of a customized eCommerce platform can help you stand out from the crowd; keep in mind you’ll need to implement marketing campaigns to drive buyer traffic to your site.

Finally, there is huge demand in emerging countries for used smartphones. If you decide to sell overseas it’s best to offer large quantities (versus single units) to save time and money on shipping costs.

Whether this is a side business to make extra cash or a full-time entrepreneurial enterprise, buying and selling used Samsung phones can prove very profitable.

To check out all Samsung models and conditions available, visit our Samsung mobile marketplaces today! 

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