FX Exploit AutoPilot description


FX Exploit AutoPilot is a multicurrency Expert Advisor, an
advanced trading panel, a ready-made trading system with the ability to trade both manually and automatically

Based on FX
Exploit Profit Hunter
, the FX Exploit AutoPilot Expert Advisor has taken
the best from it, but is equipped with a simple autopilot system that implements automatic trading with one button for faster and
more comfortable trading

FX Exploit multicurrency trading system is based on the concept of trading in a wide flat, during low
activity on the forex market. The active market is a market that is expanding and has a movement-oriented power. One currency flows
into another. There can be strong trends. If the market activity is low, we see a flat. Sometimes it is a wide flat

Built-in monitor measures market activity on all 28 currency pairs and from 5 timeframes simultaneously

Built-in signal indicator ( FX
Exploit Calm Trader
) indicates the direction of Buy or Sell for making deals

  • The signal indicator uses the daily time frame (D1) to search for reversals
  • Activity monitoring uses 5 timeframes from M5 to H4

As a result, the  FX Exploit AutoPilot system
constantly scans the entire currency market, but it is installed on any timeframe of any currency pair.

Trade panel features:

  • – Quickly open charts of currency pairs with your templates
  • – Quickly open transactions
  • – Installation and removal of stop loss and takeprofit in one click
  • – Setting and removing stop loss and takeprofit for all orders in one click
  • – Lighting of positions without stop loss or takeprofit
  • – Multi-currency trailing stop
  • – Trailing stop order basket from breakeven point
  • – Closing the order basket by total profit/loss in the deposit currency
  • – Closing by time
  • – Spread monitoring on all pairs with an alert when expanding
  • – Monitoring of market activity with notification at high activity
  • – Trading signals with sound notification with indication of Buy/Sell direction, currency pair and time

Built-in autopilot system:

  • – Easy setup
  • – Starting and stopping with one button
  • – Automatic market activity detection
  • – Automatic opening of positions
  • – Working on time
  • – Daily work of the week
  • – Disabling autopilot when automated trading disabled
  • – For convenience, the basic autopilot settings are displayed


  • Start the autopilot or trade manually (see the user manual for FX
    Exploit Profit Hunter
  • three trading strategies are available:
  • Scalping – when the price turns around and returns to the level
  • holding of transactions from 3 to 24 hours by a basket of orders, with closing
  • Mixed trading strategy: scalping and basket orders
  • Trade in the European and American sessions
  • DO NOT trade in an Asian session
  • Trade in a quiet (calm) market
  • DO NOT trade in an active market
  • DO NOT trade on strong news days (you can use FX
    Exploit News Catcher
     to do this)

It is possible to use a grid of orders – in a calm market in a wide flat, the price tends to return to the level where 

We hold the order grid for not more than 24+/- hours. No longer required, as we will have more
opportunities to earn.

Almost every day there are signals, almost every day there is profit

Deposit: $10,000-20000 of lots 0.3-0.5 per pair

Deposit: $1000-2000 lots 0.03-0.05 per pair

Average profit:
100-1000$/day on deposit 10000-20000$ (*) 

Average profit: $7-70/day on deposit $1000-2000 (**)

* It all depends on the number of signals

Trade a limited number of pairs, e.g. 3-5, with the ability to use a grid of up to 4-5 orders per symbol 

At the same time, as I have already mentioned, the order grid does not need to be held for more than 24+/-

Main settings 

***** Symbols Settings ******

  • Symbols prefix (e.g. mEURUSD type text – m) – prefix of symbols your broker (mEURUSD
  • Symbols suffix (e.g. EURUSD.ecn type text – .ecn) – suffix of symbols  your broker

    .ecn  example)

****** Auto Pilot Settings  ******

  • Show Auto Pilot Panel ? – show autopilot panel (true/false)
  • Show Auto Pilot settings ? –  show the autopilot settings on the screen
  • X axis Auto Pilot panel – X coordinate of the autopilot panel
  • Y axis Auto Pilot panel – Y coordinate of the autopilot panel
  • Trading Days (1-monday, …, 5-friday) – trade, by day of the week (1,2,3,4,5 – mean: monday-friday or 1,2,3
    – mean monday-wednesday)
  • Start, hour – trading start hour
  • Start, minute – trading start minute
  • Stop, hour – trading stop hour
  • Stop, minute –  trading stop minute
  • Max Pairs for Trading, count – maximum number of trading pairs to trade
  • Use Grid ? – use a grid of orders
  • Grid Step, points – grid step in 5-digit points
  • Grid Step for GBP pairs, points – grid step for GBP pairs in 5-digit points
  • Max Grid Size, count – the maximum number of positions in the order grid for one pair
  • Use Grid when Market is Active ? – use grid when market is active (true/false)
  • Use Holding Time (To close positions after X hours) ? – use closing of orders by holding time
  • Holding Time To Close Positions, hours – holding time to close positions in hours
  • Auto Pilot Control Color – label autopilot color
  • Auto Pilot Active Button Color – color of active autopilot button
  • Auto Pilot NoActive Button Color – сolor of inactive autopilot button
  • Auto Pilot Text Color – the color of the autopilot settings on the screen
  • Auto Pilot Text Value Color – the color of the autopilot settings values on the screen

****** FX Exploit Activity Filter Settings ******

  • Activity Filter, % – activity market filter in % (default >= 95%)

****** FX Exploit Activity Monitor Alert Settings ******

  • (Pairs count) High/Very High Market Activity – count pairs to show very high market activity from H4
    to M15 tf (default >= 7 pairs)
  • (Pairs count) Medium Market Activity (H4) – count pairs to show medium market activity
    from H4
  • High/Very High Market Activity Alert every, min – repeat alert every X minute when market is
    active/very active
  • (Notification ?) High/Very High Market Activity – send push-notifications when market is
    active/very active

****** FX Exploit Calm Trader Settings ******

  • Sensitivity Factor #1 – limit (>7, <9 or (7-9)) – sensitivity factor #1 for generating signals
  • Sensitivity Factor #2 – limit (>1, <3 or (1-3)) – sensitivity factor #2 for generating signals
  • Signal Alert Every, min – alerts when signals appear (repeat signals every X minutes)
  • Signal Notification ? – send push-notifications when signals is appear

****** Trade Settings *****

  • Magic Number – magic number for your deals 
  • Lot – trading lot for each deals (positions)

******* Stop Loss/Take Profit Settings ******

  • Set SL/TP immediately after open positions ? – sets TP and SL for your positions immidiatelly after
  • Set SL/TP from order open price ? – sets TP and SL from order open price, or from current price
    (recomended from current price)
  • Stop loss – SL in points
  • Take profit – TP in points

****** Trailing Settings ******

  • Button TrailingStop Active ? – indicates whether the trailing button is always active (true/false)
  • Trailing Start, points – trailing start in 5-digit points
  • Trailing Step, points – trailing step in 5-digit points
  • Trailing Distance, points – trailing distance in 5-digit points

****** Basket Profit/Loss Settings ******

  • Button Basket Profit/Loss Active ? – indicates whether the basket button is always active
  • Total Take Profit (in deposit currency) – total profit in the deposit currency to close the order
  • Total Stop Loss (in deposit currency) – total loss in the deposit currency to close the order basket

****** Spread Filter Settings ******

  • Button Spread Active – enabled/disabled spread filter button?
  • Max Spread Value – spread filter value
  • Spread Alert Every, sec – send alert when spread is higher than “max spread” for >= 7 pairs

****** Template Settings ******

  • Your Template Name –  sets the template for opening the chart by pressing the pair button, by default
  • Your Template TimeFrame – sets the TF to open the chart by pressing the pair button

****** Panel Settings ******

  • Show Close Buy and Close Sell buttons ? – Show Close Buy and Close Sell buttons (true/false)
  • Button Font Size – Button Font Size
  • Values Font Size – Values Font Size
  • Display Level FontSize – Display Level FontSize
  • Display Level Color – Display Level Color
  • Pair Button Color – Pair Button Color  
  • Buttons Font Color – Buttons Font Color  
  • Close Button Color – Close Button Color  
  • Close Buy Button Color – Close Buy Button Color  
  • Close Sell Button Color – Close Sell Button Color  
  • Buy Button Color – Buy Button Color  
  • Sell Button Color – Sell Button Color  
  • Buy Lots Button Color – Buy Lots Button Color  
  • Sell Lots Button Color – Sell Lots Button Color  
  • Close All Button Color – Close All Button Color  
  • SL / TP Button Color – SL / TP Button Color  
  • Value Text Color – Value Text Color  
  • Signal Text Color – Signal Text Color  
  • Activity Down Color – Activity Down Color  
  • Activity Up Color – Activity Up Color  
  • Lot Color (in used lot) – Lot Color (in used lot)  
  • Profit / Max Profit Color – Profit / Max Profit Color  
  • Max Loss Color – Max Loss Color  
  • DD Color – DD Color  
  • Activity Button Color – Activity Button Color  
  • Spread Button Color – Spread Button Color  
  • Signal Button Color – Signal Button Color  

Be sure to have all 28 pairs in the market watch window. Select “Show all symbols”

Before using it on a live account, try out the EA on a demo account

A lot number of examples of using the EA in trading on the live market here ->

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