COVID-19 Impact on the Mobile Secondary Market


As COVID-19 continues to escalate and impact businesses around the world, we wanted to share the latest trends B-Stock is seeing in the mobile market and specific data related to the mobile secondary market. 

Given our work with today’s largest wireless retailers, OEMs, and buyback companies, we have unique visibility into how supply chains are responding to this rapidly evolving landscape. We are monitoring the situation closely, and will continue to share observations and insights with our customers on a regular basis.

Currently, all our mobile marketplaces are running with live auctions. Please visit our COVID-19 Marketplace Updates page for the latest news. 

Retail/eCommerce Updates

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are closing stores 

Retailers, including Apple, are temporarily shutting doors

Freight & Logistics Updates

Reduced international passenger travel is impacting freight

FedEx & UPS suspending requiring signatures for deliveries and offering Hold at Location (HAL) solutions

Borders are closing, but goods are still moving across country lines

Mobile Manufacturing Specifics

Apple production is rebounding

B-Stock Projections, Charts & Data

Over the next 9 weeks, we anticipate: 

  • Overall unit volume reduction of at least 20%
  • As the situation remains fluid and some businesses close due to COVID-19, freight is stacking up in terminals pending disposition and carriers are working to schedule appointments. We are seeing this influence on time performance negatively. 
  • Greater need for pre-owned Apple products in retail locations

Following, please find charts and data related to what B-Stock is seeing across our Mobile Marketplace Network, including:

  • The impact of Hong Kong Border Closure on iPhone D Grade products and subsequent market correction.
  • An increase in unique buyers when Hong Kong slowed. This was an opportunity for new buyers to capitalize on market softness.
  • Apple and Samsung A/B Grade Index versus typical depreciation.

We hope you find this information helpful during these changing times. B-Stock will continue to update our partners weekly with the latest information we have regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the mobile secondary market.

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