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Seems my email is being ignored …. Oxford Press through Marc L pushing a USD 2500 odd special opportunity to get inside advice on when the VXX on certain days is going to spike in the last hour of trading . They claim with suitable testimonials and figures to have bought joy, harmony and a new life to many .
I asked them in a very polite way what was there ratio of winners to losers i.e how many ” yes she is going to blow actually blew” and how many did not . Not wanting to know any quants on this ,just how many times when you said it was going to surge did it surge .
Seems a numerical quantification of the efficacy of this end of day VXX surge may not be something they wish to reveal as I’ve had no answers… One would think , that a program that has by their own admission such runaway unbridled success, it would be in their interest to publish this .
After all wouldn’t you invest if you were given the inside running that the VXX is going to have a surge in price today at 4pm up with an accuracy of say 90% or 95%of the time .
Hell I would …..

It must be that they have a poor marketing department and that they have overlooked to include this metric so more of us could experience the joy, the harmony and the life changing effect.
Dont give up your day jobs

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