Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator – How to Remove Take Profit and Stop Loss Levels


of the greatest advantage of Ace Supply Demand Zone indicator is that it provide a flexible Profit and stop target for your trading. After you
have learnt how to use this profit targets, now you want to learn how to remove them. Of course, there is a way to remove them. The trick is simply
moving the stop text above the Entry text (for the case of buy). You will do the opposite for the case of sell. In the screenshot, the bottom
image describe how to remove the targets from your chart.

is another approach to remove take profit and stop loss targets. We provide the shortcut in keyboard for doing the same task. Simply hit “z”
button in your keyboard. This will also remove the stop loss and take profit targets if you do not need them any longer.

is link to Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator.

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